Scientific Manuscript Editing

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Editing and Proofreading for All Scientific Fields

Wordvice provides professional scientific editing and proofreading services for researchers across all scientific fields and academic disciplines in medicine and the biological, physical, and theoretical sciences. Our qualified and experienced editors are subject experts in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. Learn more about how to submit your scientific paper to receive scientific editing and proofreading services. Choose from a range of scientific editing services to get your manuscript published in top scientific journals.

Biosciences Papers

The 21st Century has been termed the “Century of Biology” by scientists and the media alike. So, it is easy to see why so many scientific journals are furiously publishing new biology, biotech, and biomedical research articles. But in order to get their research published in SCI Journal List publications and other high-impact journals in the life sciences, biological researchers require not only compelling, relevant, and novel research, but also a well-written research article that conveys their results and their study implications precisely and in a way readers and researchers will find useful and readable. Our language editors can apply any standard scientific formatting style (APA, AMA, MDPI, etc.) and follow the guidelines for authors of almost any scientific publication, ensuring that your scientific research paper is ready for submission to the most prestigious of bioscience journals.

Medical Sciences Papers

Medicine is among humankind’s most noble professions. But most don’t realize the amount of research writing and publishing doctors and medical researchers do to get published in medical journals and share their studies. Preparing a medical sciences paper for submission—whether to a peer-reviewed journal of medicine or simply for a class in medical school—takes a significant amount of time and attention. Most medical professionals would rather spend time on patients and research than on writing and editing medical abstracts and papers—which is why professional medical sciences proofreading and editing is a crucial step for the publication of medicine-related documents. Almost all medical journals include detailed guidelines for preparation and submission of clinical papers; and of course, proper grammar, style, and structure must be followed to successfully submit even the best work into a reputable medical publication. Our professional medical editing and proofreading services help prepare clinical and medical papers for publication in top journals. This means medical experts can focus on what is most important: performing the crucial medical research that makes the world a more livable place.

Physical Sciences Papers

Physical science encompasses the systematic study of the inorganic world. As such, research in the physical sciences continues to have a profound impact on the greater scientific research landscape that underpins increasing knowledge in most scientific domains. But sharing physical sciences studies with other researchers means publishing studies in reputable physical sciences journals. Our physical sciences editing and proofreading services help prepare your manuscript for submission to even the most prestigious physical sciences journals—just ask some of our published clients. From renowned publications in geology; to groundbreaking chemistry journals; to updates on our exploration of space in astrophysics journals, the physical sciences journal submissions process is especially rigorous because so much global research involves exploration of the physical world. Therefore, why not receive English proofreading from one of our physical science editing experts and submit your scientific manuscript with confidence.

Engineering and Technology Papers

Engineering and technological sciences touch every aspect of our modern lives. Materials engineering designs the objects we use daily. Mechanical and electrical engineering powers the machines of the future. The tech sciences (and STEM fields in general) are redefining the limits of our modern civilization. But sharing your engineering research means publishing in reputable engineering journals; becoming the next tech genius means submitting your research article to technology journals. However, too many researchers fail to get published simply because their writing is not up to a journal’s standards. Our engineering and technology editing and proofreading services are specially designed to prepare tech research manuscripts for submission to top journals. We consider proofreading and language editing to be our personal engineering subdiscipline, and our engineering and tech editors thus have engineering and tech backgrounds, creating the experience and qualifications to help your engineering article or tech paper get published and maybe even change the material world.

Mathematics and Computer Science Papers

Math and computer science are the most analytical and theoretical of the sciences and require ardent line-by-line attention to exact numerical detail. So, it makes sense that writing mathematics and computer science papers requires great attention to detail and accuracy with the English language. You don’t want your well-researched article on artificial intelligence to be rejected by a journal editor because you used the wrong formatting in the references or made too many basic grammar and style errors. Our mathematics and computer science proofreading and editing service uses real human editors with experience and expertise in the mathematical and theoretical subjects you are researching.