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After submitting their work, research authors will often be requested to revise some elements of the writing to meet the standards and conventions of the journal, conference, or other target publication. These revisions can include suggestions by the editor of the target journal to which the author has submitted; from the guidelines of a secondary journal to which the author wishes to submit; or simply from the author’s acknowledgement that specific revisions are necessary. To be sure, most research manuscripts usually undergo several steps of revision during the journal submissions process before being accepted for publication. One of the most common reasons for this required revision is basic “quality of writing” issues in the manuscript.

Wordvice’s Premium Academic Editing Service is designed for authors submitting to journals who wish to request additional revision of their manuscripts before, during, and after submission. For one all-on price, authors receive unlimited revisions on their submitted document over the course of an entire year, provided limited alterations have been made to the edited document (up to 20% of the edited text). Multiple revisions allows authors the flexibility to edit their manuscripts in order to get their work published in their target journals, while still receiving quality language editing along the way to ensure their work is polished.

Our Premium Academic Editing Service features:

  • Repeat editing of original document for up to one year (365 days) after receipt of initial order
  • Premium Academic Editing orders delivered within 96 hours of re-submission (quicker delivery times available for a small additional fee)
  • Convenient communication with editors via our 1:1 messaging service during and after revision
  • Ability to revise up to 20% of the edited document and re-submit for further editing (i.e., authors may not submit a brand new document, but rather one with up to 20% of the text altered)

Premium Academic Editing Service Process

academic editing service

Why use Wordvice Premium Academic Editing Service?

  • academic editing service
    • Easy revision of your research manuscript to meet journal requirements and publish your work
    • Flexible contact with your editor for any last-minute revisions or corrections
  • academic editing service
    • Revise all parts of the paper that need to be revised—from title, to research sections, to formatting
    • Improve your academic writing skills through multiple revisions using MS Word Track Changes
  • academic editing service
    • Apply to multiple journals with different requirements—get your work published more often!
    • Meet the qualifications of your target journal—get your work published quicker!

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Wordvice has edited more than 70,000 research manuscripts and academic papers for over 24,000 clients. We help researchers, scholars, and academic professionals produce superior quality writing to achieve their publication goals. Many of our clients have published articles in prestigious academic journals such as Nature, ACM, IEEE and Science. Upload your manuscript today and join the list of research authors who have achieved success with Wordvice. Author Testimonials

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Last updated | Feb 2019

Author Testimonials

  • I used Wordvice’s Premium Academic Editing Service for a germ theory study I conducted for over a year. Because I knew I would be making many changes while submitting, I thought this was a perfect service for my needs. I was extremely happy with the revisions my editors made, which helped me eventually publish in one of my top target journals.

    Sharik Tavathia

  • The three editors I used were quite helpful and friendly and responded to all of my messages quickly. They answered every question that I had about revisions and I felt much more confident when I submitted my research paper. I’ll definitely use them again next time!

    Jen Liu

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