Physical Sciences Editing Services

Physical Sciences Editing Services

Wordvice Editing Service offers the best professional English editing and proofreading services for researchers across all fields and subject areas in the physical sciences. From renowned publications in geology; to groundbreaking chemistry journals; to updates on our exploration of space in astrophysics journals, the physical sciences manuscript writing and journal submissions process is rigorous because so much global research and commerce relies upon important chemistry, geological, electromagnetic, and other physical sciences research. Read more below about submitting your physical sciences article, manuscript, or conference paper and receiving our professional academic proofreading and editing services.

What Distinguishes the Physical Sciences in the Writing and Journal Submissions Process?

Because researchers in the physical sciences often work in somewhat large teams, owing to the scale of the work and the materials, methods, and approaches involved in these scientific studies, writing a manuscript for a physical science journal can also be a team effort. Multiple authors often take part in compiling the data, preparing the figures and results, and writing the abstract, discussion, and all other relevant research materials for publication. This means that there are multiple voices and writing styles involved in the writing of a physical science paper submitted to journals. This can cause potential issues with consistency in language, problems with grammar and punctuation, and even the tone and voice of the writing.

When journal editors read your physical sciences research manuscript, the first thing they notice is how the writing conveys the technical research and information in the study, and therefore any problems in readability, awkward language, scientific terminology, and natural communication in the manuscript can potentially cause your physical sciences article to be rejected by the reviewer. The best way to avoid problematic language and mechanics is to have your paper peer-reviewed and edited by experts in your scientific field. Additionally, because scientific journals can be published for a diverse readership—from researchers studying the identical topic of your article or literature review, to the lay person who has no technical knowledge about the physical sciences—it can be tricky for authors to know just how to tailor the language of their manuscript to these specific groups of readers. In this aspect, peer review, alongside language editing and proofreading, can help authors know how to prepare the manuscript for publication in specific journals. Researchers need not only an adept editor, but also someone who is savvy in the world of journal publications.

Editing and Proofreading Before Submitting Your Research Manuscript

Communicating the procedures and findings of research in the physical sciences clearly and effectively in writing is certainly a challenging task. Exactly how do scientific researchers prepare an article for submission in any kind of physical science publication and satisfy the requirements of the journal and the readership? First, the author must consider the detailed journal guidelines for preparation and submission of clinical papers. It is important follow the guidelines for authors to avoid automatic rejection by journals. Many high-impact journals, such as Reviews of Modern Physics and Chemical Reviews, have their own specific formatting standards that authors must follow in order to have their work published. Knowing which formatting and style guides to follow is crucial, and one great way to ensure adherence to these standards is by consulting a publications expert.

In addition to following the correct formatting and style guides, proper grammar, conventions, and structure must be strictly applied to successfully publish even the best scientific research in a reputable publication. Considering all the complex technical elements, terminology, and even phrasing that go into preparing a physics or chemistry paper, along with the many steps it takes to properly prepare your manuscript for publication, one can clearly see how receiving professional physical sciences proofreading and editing can be a big help towards getting your work published in the competitive field of physical sciences research.
But how exactly do you edit a scientific document? Wordvice’s professional manuscript editing and proofreading services help authors prepare all kinds of scientific and academic papers for publication in reputable journals. We employ editors and proofreaders who are highly educated specialists in a wide range of scientific fields and subject areas—and they are of course experts in the English language trained according to our strict quality standards to eliminate all language and mechanics errors in the writing while elevating vocabulary and style suitable for international journals. They are thus prepared not only to fix all grammar and spelling issues in the work, but to revise awkward and unnatural phrasing, substitute more academic vocabulary terms to elevate the language and expression, assess the structure and flow of the sentences and the arguments, and to leave comments to explain revisions and suggest ways to further improve the writing. Our editors are highly qualified to help you determine when your discussion of the methods and results and use of specialized terminology common in medical writing are effective and where they could be improved. This means research experts can focus on their study of the natural world and not worry about detailed issues such as writing consistency or revising for grammar and natural English.

Do Many Physical Sciences Researchers Use Your Service?

To date, Wordvice has helped thousands of physical sciences researchers publish in English-language journals around the world. We are partnered with some of the largest research universities in East Asia, and our clients rely on our services to prepare their manuscripts for publication in journals to contribute to the wider academic research community. Our clients include professors, senior scientists, and post-graduate researchers who are not native English speakers but who need to publish their studies in English language journals. Our physical sciences editors and proofreaders help these authors communicate their hypotheses, methods, findings, and implications as clearly and precisely as possible in English, with the result that their final manuscript appears to have been written in the author’s native language. But Wordvice’s scientific editing services can also be a valuable resource to native English speakers needing a second pair of professionally trained eyes, ensuring that their work is free of errors in language or formatting and perfectively polished for submission to journals. Let us help you as we have helped thousands of researchers and see what a difference professional academic editing can make.

How do Wordvice Editors Differ from Other Editors?

Like academic editors at any competent language editing and proofreading firm, our editors and proofreaders can apply any standard scientific formatting style (APA, AMA, MDPI, etc.) and can follow the guidelines for authors of nearly any scientific publication, ensuring that your physical chemistry or physics paper will be ready for submission to even the most prestigious SCI journals. However, where Wordvice differs from other editing companies is that we hire only subject experts with advanced degrees in their subject areas (masters, doctorate, and MD degrees) and with years of editing experience as freelance editors and working at other reputable international editing firms. Many of our editors also have career experience as peer reviewers, journal editors, and publications specialists. In other words, we have the best editors because we recruit from the best pool of talent and concentrate them in one elite squad of English language and academic subject experts. Our outstanding editors are familiar with the scholarly conventions and standards used in scientific writing, so they can also ensure that the formatting style and referencing techniques you have applied are appropriate. Once you upload your scientific document, we allocate your order to an editor with knowledge and experience in your research field, meaning that your language editor will be familiar with the academic writing conventions of specific journals in the physical sciences and beyond.

In addition to outstanding editing quality, we offer editing and proofreading services at competitive rates and delivery times that are most convenient for you. Not only are grammar, spelling, mechanics and punctuation errors resolved, but style issues such as wordiness, awkward language, non-academic terms, and unnatural expressions are fixed, and any additional issues can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your scientific manuscript. Correcting these writing issues is exactly what our professional proofreaders specialize in doing, meaning our physical sciences editing and proofreading services will give you maximum confidence in the medical papers you submit to journals.

What Other Services Do You Provide Research Authors?

When submitting your document to Wordvice for physical sciences editing and proofreading services, you can be confident that your work will be in the hands of a highly educated and qualified native English speaker from your field of study who will proofread and edit your paper with the greatest attention to detail. We back this up with a guarantee that your work will be 100% free of language, spelling, and mechanics errors when your editor is finished revising. We have so much confidence in our editors that, if your submitted research manuscript is rejected by the journal editor or referee because of “language problems” in the writing, we will re-edit and revise your work as quickly as possible at no extra charge. We believe this is the kind of premium editing service guarantee that every professional editor should provide their academic customers.

Because many peer-reviewed scientific journals require proof of language editing when they submit their manuscript, we offer a Certificate of Editing for every academic client and academic document we edit, regardless of the subject area or type of academic document submitted. Receiving language editing and proofreading for your work demonstrates to the journal editing board that you are a researcher who is serious about the integrity and quality of your scientific study and how it is presented to readers. Wordvice is committed to making the journal submission process as easy and painless as possible, and our on-demand editing certificate is one way we achieve this. On top of this, we offer the most competitive prices for editing and proofreading in the industry (see our Pricing page).
Getting professional scientific editing and proofreading of your work before submitting it for publication increases its chances of being considered by peer reviewers and journal publishers—it therefore greatly increases your chances of having your valuable scientific research published. When you send your academic paper to our language editors, include along with your document any relevant information about formatting guidelines and instructions; the name and website of the journal to which you will be submitting; the English type (British or American style) that the writing needs to use; and any additional editing instructions your editor needs to know. This information will help your proofreader focus on the most important elements of the writing to edit and provide the most productive and effective approach to improving your important physical sciences research writing.