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Wordvice Editing Service offers the highest quality professional scientific editing and proofreading services for clinical researchers and medical professionals across all fields and subject areas in medicine. Read more below about submitting your medical abstract, clinical report, article, manuscript, or conference paper and receiving our professional medical proofreading and editing services.

Medical Research Writing Serves a Variety of Purposes

Medical practice and clinical research are among humankind’s most noble endeavors, and thus professionally written medical documents continue to be in high demand. Publications in the medical sciences reach a wide variety of audiences, from medical specialists to members of the general public looking for answers to common medical questions. When preparing a paper to be published in a scholarly medical journal, authors can anticipate writing to a well-educated group of readers who subscribe to the journal. But most don’t realize the amount of research writing and publishing doctors and medical researchers do to get published in medical journals and share their studies. Preparing a medical sciences paper for submission—whether to a peer-reviewed journal of medicine or even for a class in medical school—takes a significant amount of time and attention. The truth is that most medical professionals would rather spend their time on taking care of patients and conducting clinical research than on writing and editing medical abstracts and papers.

Most readers of medical papers have considerable knowledge of the medical science within the journal’s range of specialization, and a smaller number are specialists in the precise subject area of your research. Some readers will be actively engaged in advanced research, while others may be studying or teaching at universities. One subgroup of readers of medical papers are actual practitioners and professionals in the health sciences. When you submit to a medical journal, the peer reviewers assessing your article will be perhaps the most informed in the clinical discipline or subject area you are researching. Finally, you may also reach a selection of lay readers with no formal training or education in the medical sciences; this may include patients coping with the disease or condition on which your research and writing focuses. By any measure, these are all difficult audiences to please—but using our medical editing services can help you meet your intended communication goals.
When writing for readers of medical journals, the language and content of the material must be sophisticated and detailed enough to satisfy medical experts in the field, yet clear and direct enough that it can explain the medical science in simple terms to those without any medical training or knowledge. This is a difficulty faced by all scientific authors, and there will always be sections of a paper where some readers (non-specialists) will find the information too complex and confusing, while others (experts in the area of medical specialization) will often expect more crucial details such as the study’s approach rationale, a comprehensive review of the medical literature, a breakdown of the methods and materials, and more data that supports the assertions and conclusions made in the work. It is essential to stricke a balance within the guidelines and word count limitations of the journal, and therefore clarity and precision are crucial to achieving success as a published medical researcher and author.

Editing and Proofreading to Improve Writing in the Medical Sciences

Exactly how do medical researchers prepare an article for submission in any kind of medical publication and satisfy the requirements of the journal and the readership? First, the author must consider the detailed journal guidelines for preparation and submission of clinical papers. It is important follow the guidelines for authors to avoid automatic rejection by medical journals. And of course, proper grammar, conventions, and structure must be strictly applied to successfully publish even the best medical research in a reputable publication. When one considers all the complex elements that constitute a medical document and the many steps it takes to properly prepare a manuscript for publication, it becomes clear how receiving professional medical sciences proofreading and editing is crucial to publishing all kinds of medical documents.

What is the best way to edit a medical paper? Our professional medical editing and proofreading services help prepare clinical and medical papers for publication in top journals. The medical sciences editors and proofreaders at Wordvice are highly educated specialists in a wide range of medical fields and subject areas—and they are of course experts in the English language trained according to our strict quality standards to eliminate all language and mechanics errors in the writing while elevating vocabulary and style suitable for medical writing. They are thus prepared not only to fix all grammar and spelling issues in the work, but to revise awkward and unnatural phrasing, substitute more academic vocabulary terms to elevate the language and expression, assess the structure and flow of the sentences and the arguments, and to leave comments to explain revisions and suggest ways to further improve the writing. Our editors are highly qualified to help you determine when your discussion of the methods and results and use of specialized terminology common in medical writing are effective and where they could be improved. This means medical experts can focus on what is most important: performing the crucial medical research and procedures that make the world a better place.

Do Many Medical Professionals Use Your Service?

To date, Wordvice has helped thousands of medical researchers publish in English-language medical journals around the world. We are partnered with some of the largest research hospitals and medical institutions in East Asia, and these clients rely on our services to prepare their manuscripts for publication in journals so they can contribute to the wider medical research community. Our clients include senior scientists and medical practitioners who are not native English speakers but who need to publish their clinical studies in English language journals. Our medical sciences editors and proofreaders help these authors communicate their hypotheses, methods, findings, and implications as clearly and precisely as possible in English, with the result that their final manuscript appears to have been written in the author’s native language. But Wordvice’s medical editing services can also be a valuable resource to native English speakers needing a second pair of professionally trained eyes, ensuring that their work is free of errors in language or formatting and perfectively polished for submission to journals. Let us help you as we have helped thousands of medical professionals and see what a difference professional academic editing can make.

How do Wordvice Editors Differ from Other Editors?

Like academic editors at any competent language editing and proofreading firm, our editors and proofreaders can apply any standard scientific formatting style (APA, AMA, MDPI, etc.) and can follow the guidelines for authors of nearly any scientific publication, ensuring that your medical paper or clinical report will be ready for submission to even the most prestigious international medical journals. However, where Wordvice differs from other companies is that we hire only subject experts with advanced degrees in their subject areas (masters, doctorate, and MD degrees) and with years of editing experience as freelance editors and working at other reputable international editing firms. In other words, we have the best editors because we recruit from the best pool of talent and concentrate them in one elite squad of English language and academic subject experts. Our outstanding editors are familiar with the scholarly conventions and standards used in scientific writing, so they can also ensure that the formatting style and referencing techniques you have applied are appropriate. Once you upload your scientific document, we allocate your order to an editor with knowledge and experience in your research field, meaning that your language editor will be familiar with the academic writing conventions of specific journals in the medical sciences and beyond.

In addition to outstanding editing quality, we offer editing and proofreading services at competitive rates and delivery times that are most convenient for you. Not only are grammar, spelling, mechanics and punctuation errors resolved, but style issues such as wordiness, awkward language, unacademic terms, and unnatural expressions are fixed, and any additional issues can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your scientific manuscript. Correcting these writing issues is exactly what our professional proofreaders specialize in doing, meaning our biological sciences editing and proofreading services will give you maximum confidence in the medical papers you submit to journals.

What Other Services Do You Provide Medical Research Authors?

When submitting your document to Wordvice for medical sciences editing and proofreading services, you can be confident that your work will be in the hands of a highly educated and qualified native English speaker from your field of study who will proofread and edit your paper with the greatest attention to detail. We back this up with a guarantee that your work will be 100% free of language, spelling, and mechanics errors when your editor is finished revising. We have so much confidence in our editors that, if your submitted research manuscript is rejected by the journal editor or referee because of “language problems” in the writing, we will re-edit and revise your work as quickly as possible at no extra charge. We believe this is the kind of premium editing service guarantee that every professional editor should provide their academic customers.

Because many peer-reviewed clinical journals and journals of medicine require proof of language editing when they submit their manuscript, we offer a Certificate of Editing for every academic client and academic document we edit, regardless of the subject area or type of academic document submitted. Receiving language editing and proofreading for your work demonstrates to the journal editing board that you are a researcher who is serious about the integrity and quality of your scientific study and how it is presented to readers. Wordvice is committed to making the journal submission process as easy and painless as possible, and our on-demand editing certificate is one way we achieve this. On top of this, we offer the most competitive prices for editing and proofreading in the industry (see our Pricing page).
Getting professional scientific editing and proofreading of your work before submitting it for publication increases its chances of being considered by peer reviewers and journal publishers—it therefore greatly increases your chances of having your valuable scientific research published. When you send your academic paper to our language editors, include along with your document any relevant information about formatting guidelines and instructions; the name and website of the journal to which you will be submitting; the English type (British or American style) that the writing needs to use; and any additional editing instructions your editor needs to know. This information will help your proofreader focus on the most important elements of the writing to edit and provide the most productive and effective approach to improving your important medical research writing.