Journal Manuscript Editing Services

Journal Manuscript Editing Services

Wordvice has edited more than 55,000 research manuscripts and academic papers for over 14,000 clients since 2015. Our goal is to assist researchers, scholars, students and writers in producing superior quality writing for publication or submission by providing the best journal manuscript editing in the business. Many of our clients have had their papers published in prestigious academic journals like Nature, ACM, IEEE and Science.

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Author Testimonials

At Wordvice, we believe that our clients’ successes are our own. Please check out a few of our customer testimonials below!

  • My weaknesses are typos and run-on sentences. The editor caught them all, returning my dissertation polished and refined, ready for submission. I can’t thank you enough!


  • My professor includes grammar in her grading rubric, so I turned to Wordvice’s proofreading service to ensure that my writing was perfect. Thank you for the excellent work and fast delivery!


Wordvice understands the importance of clear and effective communication to the scientific community

As we fully immerse ourselves in the information technology era, it becomes increasingly challenging to distinguish our ideas from those of others and make an individual contribution. What methods and results should we share? What makes our research especially important to science? Will our findings inspire fellow researchers to undertake newer endeavors in the search for truth? Researchers often ask these kinds of questions while conducting their studies and preparing for publication. Yet one questions many investigators often overlook is a simple yet important one: How can we best convey our findings through our writing?

We struggle to find the right words to emphasize the significance of our life's work. The challenge seems almost insurmountable when we must write in a language that might not be our mother tongue. International scholars are not alone in this battle. Even native English speakers often settle for words that lack precision and fail to optimize impact potential.

So here’s how professional English editing can increase your chances of journal publication success

One of the most common reasons editors reject journal manuscripts is substandard quality of writing. Some publishers even require authors to include editorial certificates to prove that papers have been professionally edited before submission.

A poorly drafted manuscript is not only difficult to read—it can obscure the central content of your research. When publishers find mistakes in grammar, spelling, and mechanics, they assume that the author did not bother to properly proofread the entire paper. And if you are careless with something so basic, what about the substantive aspects of your research? When a manuscript is not properly organized or formatted, publishers worry that an author is unable to form strong logical connections and create compelling arguments.

While proofreaders and editors cannot conduct your research for you, proper English editing can certainly help publishers see through to the strength of your investigative insights!

  • journal manuscript editing proofreading



    invites readers to think more deeply about your work. Rather than stumble over complex (and sometimes incorrect) grammar structures, peer reviewers, editors, and colleagues will enjoy the opportunity to focus on your study's value without technical writing distractions.

  • journal manuscript editing proofreading



    efficiently shows readers the methods you applied during your research and convinces them that your investigation is reproducible and well grounded.

  • journal manuscript editing proofreading



    enhances comprehension and will persuade your readers that your analysis was properly developed and that you derived your conclusions properly and naturally from the results you shared.

Why choose Wordvice? Our editors know how to help you maximize your impact!

Our editors are scholars like you, with the advantage of having years of valuable editing experience. Because they are familiar with the publication process, they understand the scrutiny your manuscript must undergo.

Each of our editors is carefully selected to work on your documents based on experience and familiarity with the subject area. All editors are trained to comb through your drafts to locate any language issues (including grammar errors, language misuse, awkward or unnatural phrasing, and inappropriate style) and make sure that your polished research paper allows publishers and peer reviewers to assess your work on its merits and not be distracted by language technicalities.

We know that you already face many pressures as a research scholar. With Wordvice, worrying about the quality of your writing will not be one of them. You can be sure that one of the most important aspects of your academic career—publishing your research in journals—will get a boost with our expert editing.

What do we edit?

  • Journal manuscripts/academic articles

    Journal manuscripts/
    academic articles

  • Dissertations/theses


  • Research Papers/Abstract

    Research Papers/

  • Conference papers

    Conference papers

  • Cover letters/journal response letters

    Cover letters/
    journal response letters

How does our service work?

  • journal manuscript editing proofreading

    You send us your draft

  • journal manuscript editing proofreading

    Editors proofread and provide comments on structure, grammar, and style to clarify and strengthen your manuscript.

  • journal manuscript editing proofreading

    You receive your revised draft, 100% language accuracy guaranteed!

journal manuscript editing proofreading

At Wordvice, we guarantee

  • 100% language accuracy
  • English Editing Certificates
  • Superior quality manuscripts that are publication-ready
  • Highly qualified subject experts with extensive manuscript-editing experience
  • Turnaround as fast as 9 hours
  • 24/7 support

Who are our editors?

Our editors are experts in various academic fields, ranging from the biosciences and medicine to history, law, and business. What our native-English speaking editors have in common is a passion for helping fellow scholars achieve publication success. Many of our English proofreaders have successfully published their own papers, are BELS certified or are members of various editing associations. So, who better to help you than those who have already demonstrated success in their respective fields? To read more about out editing staff, please see our Meet Our Editors page.

journal manuscript editing proofreading

Editing Sample

Our expert editors revise your document according to grammar rules and style conventions while ensuring proper formatting and consistency in language. We guarantee 100% accuracy in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics and promise that the writing in your completed document will be enhanced in clarity and organization and have a more natural “flow.” When the writing in your paper is polished, your important research methods, results, and conclusions will show through in a clearer and more compelling way to journal editors and researchers alike.

Samples of Edited Academic Papers

As these samples of papers revised by Wordvice editors show, editors take the following actions to prepare your paper for publication:

  • Eliminate grammatical errors (grammar, punctuation, and spelling)
  • Replace and revise words and phrases to improve readability
  • Ensure consistent terminology and usage
  • Revise for coherent logic and clarity
  • Reduce word count (up to 10% of document)
  • Conform to applicable style manual guidelines (APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, etc.)
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