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Grad school admissions officers don't just want to know who you are—they need to determine whether you will fit in as a future colleague.

Grad school admissions officers don't just want to know who you are—they need to determine whether you will fit in as a future colleague. We all know that grades and test scores, strong recommendation letters from professors, and personal statements decide whether a candidate makes it into their target program. However, the graduate application essay can be the deciding document when it comes to getting accepted. Even if you have a less-than-ideal GPA or test scores, if you can convince the graduate faculty of your potential to excel in your chosen academic field, you CAN be accepted.

Because written documents are such an important part of the grad school process, it makes sense that receiving professional editing for your Statement of Purpose (SOP) and personal statement will improve your chances of getting accepted. A major purpose of research-oriented fields is to write about and share scientific knowledge through peer interaction and publication. Therefore, in order to be accepted into the dynamic team at your target university, you need to show strong motivation to conduct research and demonstrate impressive writing skills. Through writing graduate admissions documents like the SOP and personal statement, you have a chance to prove your strengths to admissions officials.

What about graduate school admissions essays for international students?

For international students applying to graduate schools, there is even more good news—you don’t necessarily need as high a TOEFL score as you would to gain admission to colleges in the US and UK. According to Magoosh, the average TOEFL scores needed for admission to graduate programs are sometimes 10-20 points lower than those needed for college admissions! the average TOEFL scores needed for admission to graduate programs are sometimes 10-20 points lower than those needed for college admissions!

However, regardless of where you are from or your level of writing in English, your SOP must not only be readable and clearly convey your background, interests, qualifications, and objectives to become a future active researcher, but must also convince the admissions committee that their program is an essential step for the career path you’ve chosen and that your interests are aligned with those of the school, department, and program. For instance, the “Why this school?” question on many essay prompts is often overlooked by many graduate school applicants. Luckily, Wordvice’s Premium Admissions Editing Service is especially tailored to help graduate students with answering essay prompt questions, Premium Admissions Editing Service is especially tailored to help graduate students with answering essay prompt questions, in addition to providing standard proofreading services and style revision.

Why should you choose WORDVICE’s professional editing services for your graduate admissions essays?

Our editors will help you convince graduate faculty that you are the future colleague they are looking for. When faced with two candidates with similar grade profiles, admissions committees tend to base their final decision on a student’s personal statement and recommendation letters—a strongly-worded essay can help tip the balance in your favor.

Likewise, an essay that is poorly worded and doesn’t flow logically or use natural English expressions will fail to accurately capture your academic and personal profile. When admissions officers find grammar mistakes, they assume that the student failed to prepare or simply cannot write in English proficiently. When your essay is not properly organized, admissions officers will assume that you are unable to form the logical progressions necessary to handle graduate-level research and journal publications. And if your essay simply repeats the content found elsewhere in your CV, resume, or graduate application, admissions officers will wonder whether you lack the academic capacity to think laterally and do more than the bare minimum. These are some of the most common mistakes students make when writing their admissions essays.

Proofreading and editing improves your chances of acceptance into grad schools.

A strong and polished admissions essay will prove to admissions officers that you are the right candidate for their academic program. With a clearly organized Statement of Purpose, you can show how well you can articulate your thoughts and explain the types of research you have conducted or would like to undertake. With a precisely written letter of recommendation, the glowing praise of your professor or employer will reflect more positively on you. With a well-edited personal statement, you can impress graduate faculty by showing who you are and why you are applying to this program. Most importantly, through a well-crafted essay you can successfully explain how your career plans align with the school’s desire to expand its research capacity. So are you ready to be accepted into the graduate school of your choice? Do you want to maximize your writing potential and convince graduate faculty that they should choose YOU? Our premier essay proofreading and editing services give you the key to the campus gates by helping you convince admissions officers to accept you!

Our experienced admissions essay proofreaders and editors revise your drafts and clarify your writing (focusing on grammar, mechanics, style, language use, sentence structure, and natural expression) and make sure you provide enough details to tell a story that sets your apart from other candidates.

We realize that international students often struggle with language barriers. Our native English-speaking editors will guide you in writing more natural phrases that will highlight your fluency in English and get your ideas across in a way that will impress readers. Applying to a university graduate program—whether a master’s or a PhD—can be a stressful time for students. Wordvice takes some of the worry and stress out of this process. You can rest assured that your oh-so-important admissions essay will be in safe hands.

Do other academic programs require an admissions essay?

Admissions essays in one form or another are needed for entrance into virtually all graduate and post-graduate programs, and each discipline, university, and school has its own set of standards and expectations for their candidates. Although the majority of our admissions clients are students entering masters or PhD programs at universities, we also receive a significant number of essays from candidates entering medical school, business school (MBA programs), and law school. In fact, Wordvice employs editors from all of these academic backgrounds, increasing the chances that your essay will be revised in a manner that will fit what your particular target program is looking for.

How does our service work?

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Who are our editors?

Almost all of our editors hold advanced degrees (masters and PhDs) in a variety of academic fields, ranging from the biosciences, engineering, and medicine to history, law, and business. Therefore, in addition to years of editing experience, our admissions editors all have significant firsthand experience writing admissions essays. Most editors come from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, and each has a passion for helping students like you achieve your academic dreams. Many have even worked in university admissions departments, and all have successfully navigated the college and graduate school admissions process. To read more about out editing staff, please see our Our Editors page.

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