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More students are applying to college than ever before, and schools are becoming increasingly selective about the students they accept. According to the US National Center for Education Statistics, over 40% of young adults aged 18 to 24 years applied to colleges and universities in 2014, compared to only 25% in 1967. In fact, 65% of all first-time freshmen were accepted in 2014, and among international applicants, only 34% of were accepted. And once enrolled, the majority of college and university students spend a significant of their coursework on essays and term papers that require a high degree of academic ability to draft. This means that those hoping to stand out from the crowd need to have essays that are error-free, logically sound, and compelling to read. College admissions editing and proofreading services from Wordvice gives you that edge to make the cut with your admissions essay and then make the grade with higher education.

Why are essays important for college and university admissions?

Because schools are looking for more than high grades and standardized test scores, a powerful paper can be your ticket to getting into the college or university of your choice. The National Association for College Admission Counseling reports that the most important factors for deciding whether to accept candidates include the “essay, a student’s demonstrated interest, The National Association for College Admission Counseling reports that the most important factors for deciding whether to accept candidates include the “essay, a student’s demonstrated interest, counselor and teacher recommendations, extracurricular activities, and class rank.” Creating a top-notch profile on paper is therefore crucial for college admissions success.

The Common Application Essay and supplemental essays required by many top schools (such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of California, among many others) want to assess a student’s character, attitude, achievements, and goals. Admissions officers want to know WHO YOU ARE, whether you would EXCEL at their school or program, and what kinds of DIVERSITY and EXCELLENCE you offer. A well-written personal essay will help you demonstrate all of these qualities and answer their questions.

Should I use a professional editing service for my admissions essays?

In short—YES. When assessing two candidates who have similar grades, test scores, and academic profiles, admissions officers often use a student’s personal statement and recommendation letters to choose which candidate to accept. Thus, the key to getting into the school of your choice is often an excellent essay.

A poorly drafted essay will certainly not show your best attributes. If admissions officers find grammar mistakes, they may see you as a person who is not concerned with accuracy and quality. If your essay is not properly organized, they will worry that you are unable to form strong logical progressions necessary to handle college-level course work. And if your essay merely lists or repeats items from your resume or application, admissions officers will wonder whether you lack the mental capacity and academic creativity to do more than the bare minimum amount of work to impress. So how can proofreading and editing improve your paper and increase your chances of acceptance? Let’s find out.

Proofreading and editing helps your best personal qualities shine through.

A well-written admissions essay will convince the admissions officers that you would be an invaluable asset for the school. Whether answering individual questions in the text field of a university website or mailing in your personal statement, proper editing will help articulate your thoughts and aspirations and highlight your strong arguments. Most importantly, a perfect essay lets you demonstrate who you are and how much work you are willing to put into developing intellectually in your new school!

Let us give you the write tip to convince admissions officers that they should choose you!

Should I use an editing service for my coursework in school?

Just as strong writing is important in the admissions process, it is equally important that you demonstrate strong essay-writing skills in classes that require you to hand in essays, term and finals papers, and other written assignments. Your grades and reputation are built on your performance in writing to show comprehension and engage in the work. Although you probably wouldn’t use a professional service for ALL of your coursework, a professional proofreading and editing service can be an excellent tool for especially important papers or longer written assignments, or for work you just don’t feel uncertain about.

An edited paper is not only useful for grades—it can be a learning resource to improve your writing on future assignments. Students can use the corrections and comments they receive from editors to apply to writing in almost any field. Think of editing as an additional tool for success in college and university, and use it to your advantage!

What do our college admissions essay editors do?

Wordvice has dozens of admissions essay proofreaders and editors who are specialists in shaping up admissions documents and personal essays, helping to clarify your writing (including grammar, style, natural expressions, and compelling language) and making sure the essay provides enough details to tell your unique story.

For international and EFL/ESL students who struggle with mastering native English expressions and grammar, our native-English speakers will substitute more natural phrases that exemplify English language fluency and make your writing sound like it was written by a native speaker. You have a lot of things to worry about before, during, and after the college application and admissions process. With Wordvice, having the most polished and prepared essay will not be one of them!

How does our service work?

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Who are our editors?

Almost all of our editors hold advanced degrees (masters and PhDs) in a variety of academic fields, ranging from the biosciences, engineering, and medicine to history, law, and business. Therefore, in addition to years of editing experience, our admissions editors all have significant firsthand experience writing admissions essays. Most editors come from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, and each has a passion for helping students like you achieve your academic dreams. Many have even worked in university admissions departments, and all have successfully navigated the college and graduate school admissions process. To read more about out editing staff, please see our Our Editors page.

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