Academic English Editing Services

Academic English Editing Services

Wordvice provides superior quality academic english editing and proofreading services to researchers, students, and other academic professionals. With 24/7 customer support and quick delivery times, Wordvice is the most affordable online service for your language editing and proofreading needs. Wordvice’s team of highly qualified and experienced editors (all of whom are experts in their given research fields) have helped thousands of researchers maximize their writing impact and publish their work in prestigious academic journals such as Nature, ACM, IEE, and Science. Our academic editing services are specifically tailored to enhance the writing in dissertations and theses, abstracts, literature reviews, research papers, conference papers, and other academic documents.

We hire only native English speakers with advanced degrees in their fields, which include engineering, medicine, molecular biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, English, and history, among dozens of others. Many of our editors have also worked or currently work in publishing, linguistics and academia, both in the public and private sectors. When you work with Wordvice, our customer service team selects the right editor for the specific needs of your document, and when the revisions are complete, our Quality Assurance Team conducts a review of the edited document to ensure that you have received 100% language accuracy and our signature level of professional editing quality.

Our Academic and Research Editing Services Include:

  • Journal manuscripts/academic articles

    Journal manuscripts/
    academic articles

  • Dissertations/theses


  • Research Papers/Abstract

    Research Papers/

  • Conference papers

    Conference papers

  • Cover letters/journal response letters

    Cover letters/
    journal response letters

We provide the following services:

  • Proofreading (100% accuracy in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics)
  • Terminology and word choice
  • Coherent arguments and internal logic
  • Clarity in meaning and more natural English phrasing
  • Application of Guide for Authors formatting guidelines upon request
  • Consistency with other style manual guidelines
  • Language editing certificate for submission to journals
  • Marginal comments explaining the editor’s revisions and suggestions to improve your writing
  • Journal formatting using relevant style guidelines (CMS, APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.)

We guarantee on ALL edited documents:

  • 100% accuracy in language and proofreading
  • Manuscripts that are perfectly revised and ready for publication
  • Turnaround in as little as 9 hours
  • 24/7 customer support from our in-house team
  • Documents edited by dedicated and qualified research experts with extensive academic editing experience in their fields

Important Facts and Stats about Wordvice

As of 2019, Wordvice has edited over 47,500 research manuscripts and academic papers and served more than 12,000 satisfied authors. Our objective has always been to help researchers, scholars, professionals in the public and private sectors produce the highest possible quality writing for to meet their publication and academic goals. Many of our clients regularly publish their research in prestigious academic journals like Nature, ACM, IEEE, Science, and hundreds of other top publications.

  • Academic Papers Edited

    Academic Papers Edited

  • Institutions Served

    Institutions Served

  • Total Edited Words
    63 (M)

    Total Edited Words

  • Client Reorder Rate
    56 (%)

    Client Reorder Rate

Last updated | May 2019

Editing Sample

Our expert editors revise your document according to grammar rules and style conventions while ensuring proper formatting and consistency in language. We guarantee 100% accuracy in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics and promise that the writing in your completed document will be enhanced in clarity and organization and have a more natural “flow.” When the writing in your paper is polished, your important research methods, results, and conclusions will show through in a clearer and more compelling way to journal editors and researchers alike.

Samples of Edited Academic Papers

As these samples of papers revised by Wordvice editors show, editors take the following actions to prepare your paper for publication:

  • academic english editing Eliminate grammatical errors (grammar, punctuation, and spelling)
  • Replace and revise words and phrases to improve readability
  • Ensure consistent terminology and usage
  • Revise for coherent logic and clarity
  • Reduce word count (up to 10% of document)
  • Conform to applicable style manual guidelines (APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, etc.)
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